About us

We are Elisa and Kristina and have been friends since we remember.  Although we grew up in two different countries – Elisa in Italy and Kristina in Austria - we spent every summer together and have been on countless adventures ever since. We have always shared a passion for travelling and appreciation for different cultures.  A few years ago, while backpacking through Mexico, we found ourselves roaming the local markets for hours. We were astonished by the artisans' handicrafts and the traditional techniques of the local indigenous communities. We could not resist and we hastily filled our already heavy backpacks. To this day, we cherish the products in our homes.
It was then that the idea of bringing such amazing products to Europe was born. 
The recent past has been a challenge for all of us and being confined to our homes has forced us to slow down and reconsider our priorities. The urge to do something we are passionate about and the desire to make an impact has grown. Tired of not knowing the origin of many products in our homes, we decided to do something about it; something beyond changing our own buying habits, but to increase consciousness about our planet’s resources and people. Full-time jobs and eventually a baby on the way could not stop us. What used to be just the beginning of an idea has now grown into a small business.  
Our online store offers a small range of carefully curated interior products celebrating traditional production processes and the uniqueness of handicraft. Created by artisans in different corners of the world, these items combine traditional techniques with contemporary design. These products deserve a stage and so do the people who make them. Let’s return to appreciating the human beings that create, dye, spin, weave, form, paint and by doing so enrich our homes and our lives. We believe that together with you as customers we can take a stand against fast-paced industrial production and unconscious consumption while styling our home with unique and beautiful pieces. 
Take your time, join the #slowinterior movement, allow us to share Estudio Bohé with you.