Fique Basket
Fique Basket
Fique Basket
Fique Basket

Fique Basket

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With its eye-catching pattern, this basket is perfect for small storage. The Zuahaza fique basket is handwoven by a cooperative of artisans from the Boyaca region of Colombia. Each individual basket is one of a kind. No other is equal in design, making each basket a handmade treasure.
Commonly used for basket and rug weaving, the fique fiber comes from the family of agave plants and doesn't need fertilizers or pesticides to grow. Fique needs very little water, making it a very resourceful fiber and a great sustainable option.

Fique grass

Diameter: 20cm
Height: 13cm

Fique is a naturally rough fiber that requires little maintenance. However, natural fibers should be kept in dry places. Here’s how to keep your basket feeling and smelling like new.
1. For a general wash, use a moist rag and gently scrub the basket.
2. For direct stains, apply a small amount of pH neutral detergent to a wet rag and scrub.
3. Repeat with a dry cloth.
4. Air dry immediately after cleaning. Or, use a hairdryer for faster results. This is crucial to avoid mold accumulating.
These items are long-lasting and colors will not fade as quickly as with other fibers. 

Meet the Makers
Zuahaza was founded by Tatiana Ordoñez in 2019 in Colombia with the goal to create sustainable employment for women artisans in Colombia, as well as revitalizing the craft of textile making and collaborating to innovate in product and design. Today, the group of passionate artisans and designers craft home textiles between Zuahaza's creative lab in Bogotá and their production studio in Charalá, Colombia.