Rug 'El Ojo'
Rug 'El Ojo'
Rug 'El Ojo'

Rug 'El Ojo'

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If you are looking for a subtle eye-catcher for your home, this wonderful Mexican wool rug is just the perfect fit. The design is called "El Ojo de Dios" and symbolizes community and protection. 

approx. 100 x 60 cm

Meet the Makers
This carpet was handwoven by Isabel A., a rug weaver from the Vida Nueva Cooperative in Teotitlan de Valle in Oaxaca, an indigenous Mexican community. 

Vida Nueva was founded approximately 20 years ago when weaving was still very much men's work. To provide for their families and to gain recognition in a masculine domain, six women came together to form the cooperative and started weaving on large looms and selling the products on the markets.

Since then, the cooperative has grown, but its goal remains the same: creating economic and artistic opportunities for female Zapotec weavers. They support each other, serve the community and preserve their heritage.

Vacuum the rug regularly, but leave out the fringe to keep the tassels in shape. You can also take it outside, drape it over a clothesline or a porch railing and beat it well with a broom. Vacuum it after to remove left over dust. 

In case the carpet gets wet unintentionally, blot the section dry with a towel. For stains also use a clean cloth to blot any excess liquid. If necessary, use only wool friendly & mild detergent and work from the corner to the center of the stain. Avoid rubbing as the stain might spread. Apply lukewarm water in the same manner to dissolve the detergent and blot dry.

Make sure to always dry the rug completely. This might take several hours.