Tyba Pillowcase - Cream
Tyba Pillowcase - Cream
Tyba Pillowcase - Cream
Tyba Pillowcase - Cream
Tyba Pillowcase - Cream

Tyba Pillowcase - Cream

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The Tyba pillows combine soft textures and one tone colors making it the ideal pillow for all seasons and styles.

What makes this pillow so special?

It is completely handmade by women artisans from Colombia, from spinning the cotton to dying the fibers to weaving the fabrics and sewing the pillows. 

Zuahaza's talented artisans, whose skills have been passed on from previous generations, handspin all of the cotton. This can take up to a week to make 500 grams of cotton yarn. Most of the spinners work from home and spin cotton in between their daily tasks as mothers and artisans. 
The yarn is then 100% naturally dyed. Plants, fruits and vegetables are able to give an array of beautiful color choices to dye the yarn. Natural dyes are biodegradable and cause minimal environmental impact, without contaminating our water sources, soils and affecting the health of the people who work with these dyes. Zuahaza gets the beautiful tones through collecting and extracting colors from plants and vegetables. 
The prepping of the loom can take up to three full days on larger looms. The pillow fabric is handwoven on so called foot looms and later sewn into their final form. 

100% organic cotton, whose production needs way less water and energy.
A pillow insert is not included.

50cm x 50cm
Slight variations might occur.

1. Hand wash or machine wash your cotton pieces in cold water to prevent shrinkage. Use a laundry net.
2. For best drying results, air-dry your pillow. Please do not tumble dry.
3. When ironing, use high heat with a slightly damp fabric between pillow and iron.
4. Zuahaza's pillows have a beautiful rustic texture that comes from handspun cotton. When washing, avoid heavily scrubbing directly on the surface.
5. Lint may occur with handspun cotton. For removal, iron fabric on medium heat and use a gentle lint roller.

Meet the Makers
Zuahaza was founded by Tatiana Ordoñez in 2019 in Colombia with the goal to create sustainable employment for women artisans in Colombia, as well as revitalizing the craft of textile making and collaborating to innovate in product and design.
Today, the group of passionate artisans and designers craft home textiles between Zuahaza's creative lab in Bogotá and their production studio in Charalá, Colombia.